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Worm Gear Motor

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3.7V 12V 24V DC Worm Metal Gear

Worm Gear Motor

We add a worm gear reduction box to the output shaft of motor 420, so it can also be called worm gear reduction motor It works at 12 24 V DC, with low speed and big torque There are 8 gear ratios options It is great for electronic smart locks, electric screwdrivers, lawn mowers Contact us now now!

3.7V 12V 24V gear motor is a small power gear drive motor, also known as 3.7V 12V 24V V DC high torque reducer. It has a very wide range application. The small diameter specifications, drive motor and gearbox drive structure can be customized according to the needs of development. For example, the driving motor of the 3.7 VOLT DC reduction motor can use dc brush motor, DC brushless motor as the driving source, and the driving gear box can use planetary gear box, cylindrical gear box, parallel gear box and so on.


Main Technical performance:

All gear motors can be customized as below:

1) Length and shape of shaft.

2) Voltage, output speed, torque, etc.

3) Adding connectors, lead wires.

4) Adding gears to shaft.

5) Adding encoder.

6) N30, M20, 030, 050 etc motors are available. All of our micro geared motor are RoHS compliant, safe to customer.

Customized electric performance could be achieved on requested. Just tell us what's type of geared motor you are interested in or advise us the gear ratio, the torque, rated voltage, outline size,  with an encoder or without it. Kindly contact us to get some samples or a quote.


● Smart Cars, Automation Equipment, Automatic Doors And Windows

● Vending Machine, Smart Home, office Equipment

● Automatic Grill, Automatic Drying Rack, Parking Lock, Medical Equipment 

  • What kind of gear reducer motor can you make?2022.08.06
  • We can make DC motors below 3v-36v, with power less than 40W and diameter less than 45mm

  • Can the gearbox be matched with other motors?2022.08.06
  • Our standard gearbox can be matched with other motors The matched brush, brushless, hollow cup and stepping motor need to match the shape of our gearbox, or change the shape of our gearbox Matching with other motors also requires custom proofing, otherwise it will involve low efficiency, large loss and short life

  • About customized gearbox?2022.08.06
  • As a gearbox manufacturer with R & D capability, we support customers to provide us with gearbox shape, required reduction ratio and output speed We will develop customized products for you Or you can provide your own R & D products, and we will optimize the structure, production and assembly for you

  • Can you provide planetary gearbox for testing free of charge?2022.08.06
  • In order to promote further cooperation between the two sides, it has become a common practice that we provide samples free of charge and you bear the freight But I think if you really care about it, you won t mind spending some sample fees If it is provided for free to every customer who requires us to send samples, it will be a great burden for us If we receive your formal order, we can refund the sample fee We sincerely hope to get your support and understanding on this point

  • What is the quality of the planetary reducer?2022.08.06
  • At present, our gear motors have been sold to Japan, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries Most customers will give me feedback, saying that they operate well, have low noise and large torque, which is exactly the product they are looking for I think this should be the best word of mouth for our products

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