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National High-Tech EnterpriseMiniature gear motor manufacturers

Started in 2002

Small and precise transmission is more than

Focusing on the R&D and production of micro gear motors, the micro gear motors produced are widely used in electric curtains, sweeping robots, automatic lift tables, massagers, 5G antennas, automotive electric tailgate push rods and other products.
The company has introduced advanced equipment such as Makino machining center, Sodick spark machine, Swiss GF+ wire-feeding machine, German Abuger injection molding machine, Japan Funac injection molding machine, Osaka gear meshing instrument, and gear testing center.
Adhering to the concept of "adhering to the original intention, quality first", we forge each miniature geared motor with ingenuity.


Product Center

Ingenuity forging every micro gear motor


Provide various industry drive system solutions

Personal carePersonal care Smart homeSmart home Intelligent vehicleIntelligent vehicle Intelligent toyIntelligent toy Intelligent logisticsIntelligent logistics NetworkNetwork Digital electronicsDigital electronics MoreMore
  • Dragon claw massager gear reducer solution

  • Electric bath brush gearbox solution

  • The solution of the gear reducer of the tooth punch

  • Sweeping robot gearbox solution

  • Solution of planetary gear reducer for automobile electric tailgate strut

  • Electric curtain tubular motor gear reducer solution

  • Concealed door handle gearbox transmission mechanism

  • Electric mop gearbox solution

Dragon claw massager gear reducer solution

Entry name:Dragon claw massager gear reducer solution

Project introduction:Project Introduction:The head massager relieves the nerves of the head by stimulating the scalp and head muscles T


Why choose Forwa Precision?

19 years of deep cultivation in the industry to meet the high-quality pursuit of customers

  • Precision machiningPrecision machining
  • CustomizedCustomized
  • Strict inspectionStrict inspection
  • Attentive serviceAttentive service
Precision machining

10000m ² production base70 imported production equipment

Forwa owns 10000m ² The production base, with its own Makino processing center in Japan, has 6 perfect assembly production lines, 70 imported production equipment such as Sodick spark machine, Shamir wire cutting machine and German aberg injection molding machine, with an annual output of 10million reduction gear boxes. The existing inventory products are delivered on the same day, ordered for production, and delivered in batches within 48 hours.


Plan within 48 hoursPlot in 3 days

A high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R & D and production of precision micro reduction motors for 19 years, it has a mature 20 person technical team to support personalized gear customization;

According to customer needs, cooperate to develop products, optimize product structure and performance, output DFM evaluation of molds, output gear transmission system solution 24 hours, draw drawings in 3 days and submit samples in 7 days.

Strict inspection

Passed ISO9001 certification60 imported testing equipment

It has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, iatf16949 certification, its own testing laboratory, sound insulation room, sound isolating box, equipped with 60 testing equipment such as hexcon 3-D, Osaka gear meshing instrument, 2.5-D, and strictly implements the standardized quality control system, strictly controls every production link, and ensures that every product is qualified to leave the factory.

Attentive service

24-hour online customer service1-to-1 special services

Pre sales: 7 * 24-hour online customer service, fully understand your needs, provide product selection guidance, technical consultation, and output solutions suitable for you.

In sale: a special customer service manager is equipped to follow up the order situation in the whole process and control the progress of the whole order for you.

After sales: make regular follow-up visits to understand the use of products, give guidance on product maintenance, and provide free technical support at any time.


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About Forwa

About Forwa

Integrating research and development/production/sales of miniature geared motors

Dongguan Forwa Precision Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2002. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of miniature gear motors, plastic gears, precision plastic molds and plastic products. The company has 70 sets of imported processing equipment, such as Japan's MAKINO machining center, SODICK spark machine, Charmilles wire cutting machine, Japan's Funac, Nissei, Germany's Arburg injection molding machine.

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