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Plastic Gear

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Plastic spur gear

Plastic Gear

Forwa is good at plastic gear injection molding manufacturing for 20 years,including the plastic gear of automotive and the plastic gear of office auto machine Forwa has precise gear injection molding equipment, which can provide spure gears ,helical gears and worm gears,to provide customers with high-quality plastic gears,Forwa is equipped with precision injection molding machine, gear meshing device, gear testing center and other precision equipment

We can custom plastic fabrication parts based on your idea, not only based on for material choosing, but also property requirements custom.
- Shapes, colors, dimensions and propeties can be customized
- Tolerance: +/-0.02mm for plastic, 0.05mm~0.1mm for metal
- Drawing format : CAD / PDF/ DWG/ IGS/ STEP
- Processing: CNC machining, CNC milling and injection,
- Lead Time: 10 ~ 15 days for machining parts, 30 days extrusion & injection mold making and samples
- Packing: carton box, IPPC wooden pallet/plastic pallet - Shipping: by sea, air, TNT/UPS/Fedex/DHL Express

Product parameters

Product Name  Plastic Gear Injection Molding Forming Machine 50 Tons
Plastic Material POM Gear Accuracy JGMA level 3 or national standard level 10
Mold life 800,000 modes Quality System ISO9001 ,IATF16949
Cooperation Mode Customized drawings, ODM, OEM    

Why Us

20+ Years Experiences in Plastic Mold Injection Molding Making

Introduction of Plastic Gear Injection Molding

Forwa Precision was founded in 2002. The production base covers an area of ​​10,000m². It has 19 years of experience in the production of plastic gear molds. It is a national high-tech enterprise of precision plastic molds and plastic products. , processing, assembly one-stop service, to truly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 certification, and strictly implement the standardized quality control system to ensure that each product is qualified to leave the factory. It has provided processing services for many large enterprises such as Nidec, Duya, Axis, Mabuchi, Magna and so on.

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Processing Power

We Are Relied Upon And Trusted By Our Customers, And We Are Recognized By Them For Our High Quality Products And Attentive Service

Plastic gear injection processing strength
  32 Sets of sophisticated injection molding equipment, the size of the machine is from 30 tons to 380 tons:10 Injection molding machines imported from Japan, including Funac injection molding machines, Nisshin machining centers, There are 4 injection molding machines imported from Germany, including 4 Arburg injection molding machines. 8 Injection molding machines imported from Taiwan, 10 Haitian precision injection molding machines.
Plastic gear injection processing strength
Excellent plastic product testing equipment: Hexconn imported from the United States is three times a set Mitutoyo imported from Japan is 3 times a set One Osaka gear meshing instrument imported from Japan Two Mitutoyo tool microscopes imported from Japan One Tesa height gauge imported from the United States 2 Sets of Eason imported from Taiwan Harbin Jingda Gear Inspection Center 1 set

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Comprehensive Manufacturing and Machining Capabilities To Meet All Your Unique Needs

  • printer plastic gear

    Printer plastic gear

  • Use the backflush face gearPunch face gear
  • printer plastic gear

    Printer plastic gear

  • Massager gear after useMassager gear
  • Robot sweeper gear

    Robot sweeper gear

  • Plastic worm after usePlastic worm
  • Punch face gear

    Punch face gear

  • Micro gear motor after useMicro gear motor

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So Far, We Have Completed Nearly 7000+ Projects From Different Industries, Such As Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Smart Home, Security, Medical Andaerospace

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