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Electric bath brush gearbox solution

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Project Name: Gearbox Solution for Electric Bath Brush

Project Introduction:

With the improvement of people's quality of life, intelligent cleaning products are very popular. The Kehua team and customers jointly developed a bath brush with scrubbing function. This product breaks the traditional manual bathing method and solves the embarrassment that the back cannot be rubbed. scene. The gear box adopts the rotation mode of the inner and outer rings in different directions, and cooperates with high-quality brushes, which is very friendly and is deeply loved by consumers.

Project requirements:


The product requires a gear box designed in a limited space, large transmission ratio, low noise, large torque, and light weight. The inner and outer rings of the brush head rotate in different directions, and the gear box needs to be waterproofed.

plan description:

After the project was approved, the Kehua Precision team communicated closely with the customer's R&D department to jointly develop the design. The gearbox adopts the following technical points:

1. The hand-held bath brush has limited space. First of all, it is necessary to solve the problem of lightness. A large number of helical gears are used to reduce noise and greatly improve the strength of the gears.

2. The problem of rotary sealing of the output shaft of the gearbox can ensure that the operating efficiency of the gearbox can meet the waterproof requirements, and it will not be stuck or leaked during long-term operation.

3. The inner and outer rings of the brush head rotate in different directions at the same time within a limited thickness.