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How to do a good job in the marketing and promotion of miniature geared motors Kehua precision marketing team tells you

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The fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys, which is an outdated marketing strategy for the marketing and promotion of miniature gear motors. At the moment of overcapacity in manufacturing, only by doing a good job in promotion, managing the market well, and making business the king, can an enterprise be in an invincible position. How to do a good job in the marketing and promotion of miniature geared motors? Kehua's marketing team elaborates from the following perspectives.

Determine the marketing promotion platform. At present, the promotion platforms for miniature geared motors are as follows:

1. Industry exhibitions. It is necessary to choose the exhibition organizer, the exhibition location, the nature of the exhibition, the nature of the visitors, and the exhibition time.

2. Online platforms, the epidemic in recent years has given birth to online marketing. The marketing platforms for finished products and semi-finished products are different, the marketing platforms for industrial products and daily necessities are different, and the marketing platforms for domestic and foreign markets are different. Micro gear motors are industrial products and semi-finished components, and the platform choices of each micro gear motor manufacturer are different.

3. The rise of video marketing in the past two years and live streaming of goods have contributed to the promotion of miniature geared motors

4. There are also magazine advertisements, company hosting industry conferences, etc.

Micro gear motor

Determine the marketing promotion plan

The troops and horses have not moved, the food and grass will go first, and there will be no unprepared battles. In order to achieve the best marketing effect, you must formulate a marketing plan in detail.

1. The company has produced a variety of styles, models and applications of miniature geared motors. It is necessary to determine which product is the main product. Different miniature geared motors are suitable for different platforms. Before promotion, plan and do to a purpose

2. Before the promotion, it is necessary to make an organizational plan for the promotion personnel, according to the ability and personality characteristics of the business team members, make a good personnel arrangement, try to make the best use of their talents, so that everyone can carry a heavy burden, and everyone has indicators on their heads.

3. To make arrangements for marketing and promotion funds. The miniature gear motor is also a very introverted product. Funds should be allocated according to the promotion form and promotion platform. It is definitely not enough to grasp the eyebrows and beards. Good steel should be used on the blade to maximize capital investment and output.

Miniature geared motor manufacturer

4. According to product characteristics and product application scenarios, make a good promotion time plan. Many products have low and high seasons. For example, the miniature gear motors used in consumer electronics products must be promoted according to the low and high seasons of consumer electronics. Before the consumption time nodes such as Double 11 , 518 , 618 , and Christmas, 3 Month is a good season for sales of miniature geared motors. At this time, it is right to invest the most people and property.

5. There must be a well-planned production plan, the sales staff must be in charge, and the production staff must be able to keep up with the order plan, especially for e-commerce, the flexibility of the plan is very obvious, once it occurs, the customer will complain if the delivery is not timely. It will be negatively commented by customers, which will directly affect the display rate and repurchase rate of the product.