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Forwa Precision Monthly Outstanding Employee Award

Source: Forwa Official Website | Release Date:2022-08-06 22:28:20 Hits:

Forwa Precision focuses on the development, production and manufacture of miniature geared motors. The company has always paid attention to the construction of corporate culture. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, set up pacesetters, and spread positive energy, Kehua Precision evaluates outstanding employees every month. There are 13 outstanding employees in February 2022 , each team including the assembly of micro gear motors .

At the awards ceremony, the company's manager Li said that every month's outstanding people are selected through KPI assessment, and the company's reward and punishment system is also strict. On the post, he works hard without complaint, works hard, and wins the praise of employees and the recognition of the company with high-quality service and a strong sense of responsibility. At the same time, bonuses and certificates of merit were awarded to outstanding employees of the month.

Excellent employees of Kehua Precision in February 2022