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Why should the plastic mold workshop of plastic gearbox manufacturers implement automation Kehua Precision

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Since my country's reform and development, after more than 40 years of development, people's living standards have been improving day by day, and the phenomenon of population aging has become more and more serious. For China, which is in the center of the global manufacturing industry, the advantage of demographic dividend no longer exists, and enterprises are faced with a shortage of workers and rising labor costs; as the post-90s and post-00s join the industry, the management of workers also challenges corporate managers. . The younger generation is reluctant to engage in the dirty and tiring mold manufacturing industry, and it is a common phenomenon that young people are reluctant to work night shifts. In this fierce environment, China's plastic mold manufacturing industry has become the consensus of mold factory owners on how to be invincible and realize the automation of plastic mold workshops. In addition to the above factors, there are several reasons for the automation of plastic mold workshops:

1. After automation, the accuracy and consistency of machinery and equipment can ensure the consistency of mold accuracy

Conducive to improving the quality of the mold

2. After the plastic mold workshop is automated, it can greatly enhance the company's image and is conducive to receiving orders

3. The automated plastic mold workshop can reduce the dependence on people, reduce the dependence on operator skills, and the labor intensity of workers can also be greatly reduced, which is conducive to recruitment

Plastic mold workshop automation

4. The plastic mold workshop after automation can improve the processing efficiency, shorten the mold processing progress, and achieve short-cycle delivery.

Dongguan Kehua Precision Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of plastic gearboxes . After the automation of the plastic mold workshop, the efficiency has been greatly improved, and the delivery cycle has been greatly shortened. Interested readers can go to Kehua Precision's official website video to learn about it.