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Electric mop gearbox solution

Source: Forwa Official Website | Release Date:2022-08-15 09:47:35 Hits:
Project Introduction:

With the popularization of whole-house intelligence, electric mops are deeply loved by everyone due to the advantages of mopping the floor, saving labor, strong cleaning ability, and easy to use. low advantage.

Project requirements:

The product requires small external space, low noise, large torque, high speed and long life.

plan description:


In order to better apply to electric mops and reduce costs, the planetary gear reducer designed and produced by the Kehua Precision Team adopts the following technical points:

1. Use a high-speed and high-torque motor to improve the cleaning ability of the electric mop.

2. A large number of powder metallurgy gears are used, which greatly improves the service life of the electric mop while reducing the overall cost.

3. The shell is made of high-strength nylon fiber-reinforced material, which further reduces the working noise of the gearbox while ensuring the strength of the gearbox. .