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Sweeping robot gearbox solution

Source: Forwa Official Website | Release Date:2022-08-07 09:32:15 Hits:

Project name: solution of sweeping robot transmission system

Project Introduction:

Today, with the increasing popularity of whole-house intelligence, intelligent sweeping robots have become a must-have cleaning artifact for every home. The Kehua team cooperated with domestic leading algorithm computing companies to jointly develop and produce a full range of gearboxes for sweeping robots, including left and right wheel gear boxes. , Left and right side brush gear box, middle brush gear box.

Project requirements:

The product requires low noise, long life, stable operation, strong wheelset grip and high wear resistance.

plan description:

Sweeping robot gearbox solution

The gear reducer of the sweeping robot series produced by Kehua Precision adopts the following technical points:

1. Calculate the company's design plan through a joint algorithm, and design a more reasonable reduction ratio. The reduction ratio of the left and right driving wheels: 68.5:1, the transmission ratio of the middle brush gear box: 6:1, and the left and right side brushes 23.7:1, effectively ensuring the cleaning robot work. Efficiency and cleaning power.

2. The first-level transmission of the gearbox adopts helical gear transmission made of sound-absorbing material, which greatly reduces the working noise of the sweeping robot, leading the industry standard.

3. The wheels of the sweeper are molded with specific materials to ensure the grip and wear and corrosion resistance of the wheel set.

4. Select a specific high-adhesion lubricating grease to form an oil film on the surface of the gear to ensure lubrication and noise reduction during long-term operation, reduce friction and prolong service life.