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The solution of the gear reducer of the tooth punch

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Project name: solution of gear reducer for tooth punch


Project Introduction:

With the enhancement of people's awareness of oral care, the dental irrigator specially used by medical staff has become a popular personal care product. The principle of the tooth irrigator is that the piston movement in the pump generates high pressure, and the high-pressure water column ejected cleans the foreign body in the oral cavity, and at the same time achieves the effect of cleaning the oral cavity. How to realize the movement of the piston? It is necessary to use the gear reducer. The structure of this gearbox is relatively simple, but the accuracy is not lower than that of other gearboxes.

Electric toothbrush drive system solution

Project requirements:

The product requires compact structure, low noise, large torque, high speed, long life, and can change the direction of movement

plan description:


In order to meet the project requirements, after comprehensive consideration, the R&D personnel of Kehua Precision adopted the following technical points:

1. The use of face gears or crown gears effectively compresses the space of the gearbox and realizes the transformation from the rotary motion of the motor to the linear motion

2. The use of curved surface gears increases the contact surface, the torque is larger, and the noise is reduced. The actual result is that the noise measured at 30Cm is within 50db

3. The cam cylinder of the face gear is connected with the piston connecting rod to realize the forward and backward movement of the piston

4. Using advanced tooth profile design software to draw arc gears, and using advanced processing equipment to ensure the precision of the tooth profile.