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The transmission scheme design of the actuator of the hidden door handle telescopic system of the car Kehua Precision tells you

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Nowadays, automobiles have entered thousands of households and have become one of the indispensable means of transportation. There are also more and more car manufacturers, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. In order to gain more market share, developers have exerted their infinite imagination and truly made everyone feel the technology. The technical process is constantly improving, and the configuration on the car is more abundant. The shape of the car is more three-dimensional and the lines are smoother. In order not to destroy the beauty of the appearance, the invention of the hidden door handle solves this problem very well. How does the hidden door handle of the car complete a series of movements, mainly driven by the actuator, what structures does the actuator contain?

Hidden door handle actuator for car

The hidden door handle telescopic system actuator of the car contains parts such as motor, worm, helical gear, screw, nut, and actuator housing.

The working principle of the hidden door handle telescopic system actuator of the car: the motor generates rotational motion after receiving the command from the PCB, and the worm installed on the output shaft of the motor drives the helical gear to rotate, and the rotation of the helical gear drives the helical gear to be integrated with the helical gear. The worm rotates, and I tell you that it drives the helical gear that meshes with it to rotate. At this time, the rotation of the helical gear drives the screw that is integrated with it to rotate, and the screw drives the matching nut to make a linear motion, pushing the door handle from the back. Do push-pull movements, and finally complete the entire work process. The hidden door handle telescopic system actuator transmission scheme of this kind of automobile has the characteristics of light structure, large torque, low noise and self-locking function.