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Why do plastic gear injection molding factories engage in 5S management? Kehua Precision tells you

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Plastic gears are very precise parts. To make plastic gears well, in addition to good hardware such as injection molding machines, mold processing equipment, and gear testing equipment, factory management, especially 5S management and other software is also very important. Here, the editor of Kehua will discuss with you why plastic gear injection molding factories should engage in 5S management. 

1. What is 5S. 5S management is the foundation of enterprise management and the premise of elite production. 5S contains:

Sorting: Sort out what you want and what you don’t want, keep what you want, and throw away what you don’t want

Rectification: Plan and place the things you want, make a good mark, and make it easy to find and use

Cleaning: Clean the workplace to ensure that the equipment and site are free of oil, garbage, dust, etc.

Cleaning: Maintain the 3S results mentioned above to ensure cleanliness

Literacy: Through the previous 4S exercise, let employees keep the habit of doing 4S exercise well, thereby improving the professional quality level of employees

5S workshop of plastic gear injection factory

2. What effect can be achieved after doing a good job of 5S

The workplace is clean and bright, and employees feel comfortable

Clear signs, smooth passages, and guaranteed safety

Tools and equipment are easy to find and efficiency is improved

The allocation of resources is more scientific and the waste of resources is avoided

Improve corporate image, enhance customer recognition, and become a corporate business card

To improve product quality, employees work in a comfortable environment, with high enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility, and effective quality assurance.

For plastic gears, because of their small size and precision, some unqualified points are sometimes difficult to identify due to management problems. For example, the mixing of materials, the mixing of defective products and good products will lead to the outflow of defective products, resulting in customer complaints and even result in a fine. So 5S management is very important.

Plastic mold factory 5S workshop

Plastic gear injection molding factories have more equipment and more types of models. The identification specified in 5S can allow operators to identify faster and have higher processing efficiency.