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How to operate the gear reducer when changing the lubricating oil

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How to operate the gear reducer when changing the lubricating oil ? The maintenance personnel who work in some large factories should have seen the gear reducer motor and even repaired it. They know that for this kind of machine, the most important thing is the lubrication inside Oil, must ensure its quality and weight, and deal with it in time when it needs to be replaced. But for those who are not very familiar with this kind of equipment, it is not an easy task to change the oil of the gear reducer motor, so in order to help you, let's talk about it below.

How to operate the gear reducer when changing the lubricating oil

Carry out when the lubricating oil temperature has not completely dropped

In order to ensure safety, many people will start replacing the oil after it has completely cooled down. This is completely unnecessary and unreasonable. In fact, the oil is no longer dangerous when it is warm, and it is completely cold. It will increase its viscosity in the future, which is not conducive to work, so it is said that this work should be carried out when the oil temperature is suitable.

Power off and wait for the machine to cool down

When the equipment needs to be replaced with lubricating oil, the first thing to do is to cut off the power supply. This is for the safety of the operator, because if the power is not interrupted, once the leakage is accidentally encountered during the operation, it will cause very serious problems. Serious injury, so keep this in mind; the second is to wait for the temperature of the machine to drop, otherwise it is easy to explode when replacing flammable substances such as lubricating oils.

The two points mentioned above are the issues to pay attention to when changing the oil of the machine. If you have experience in this field, you may be familiar with these, and you can just look at them a little bit, and if you have just done this If you work, you must be careful to avoid mistakes.

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