metal gear Manufacturers

metal gear can be bought from our factory called Forwa. As one of the influential leading China metal gear manufacturers and metal gear suppliers in China,our product is not only in low price, but also can be customized. Is the decibel generated by your product large? No, we can guarantee that our products are lownoise. And we also provide you quotation. So you can rest assured to buy our products which is in competitive price, if you want to know more, please contact us.
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  • Brass cylinder helical gear Brass cylinder helical gear is excellet at gear tooth engament and high strength and durability, welcome to contact us for customizing per your detail requirement.

  • Powder metallurgy part for gearbox Powder metallurgy part are widely used on reduction gearbox , they are made by compression molding, usually used on products do not need high torque and precision like children’s electric toy car,auto engine system...

  • Stainless steel gears with small module customisation Forwa Precise Plastic Mold Co.,Ltd accept various metal gears development like gear grinding, synchronous belt pulley, sprocket, worm gear, bevel gear (bevel gear), spiral gear, gear rack, transmission screw, small module gear and so on, we can provide you with gear hobbing, gear grinding, gear shaper and milling service.