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Why do we make a DFM report before making a plastic gear mold for a micro reduction gear motor?

2022-04-12 Author:casin

The micro gear motor includes plastic parts such as plastic casings, plastic gears, etc., motors, gear shafts, bearings and so on. After the design stage,we enter into mold making stage. Before making plastic gear molds, we need to perform DFM analysis. 

1.Why do we make a DFM report before making a plastic gear mold for a micro reduction gear motor?
Here, the engineers in Forwa shared his experience:
The DFM (Design for Manufacturing) is designed to improve its manufacturing capabilities. That is to say, in order to facilitate the processing and manufacturing of the plastic parts and reduce costs of production, we should optimize the the mold design before making molds.
2.What does DFM include?
In a DFM, We should provide some information, such as raw material, cavity numbers, steel types, parts weight and runner weight.

3.Before making the DFM, if the conditions allow, we will conduct mold flow analysis on the plastic gear, and write down the results on the DFM.

The designers should analyze and optimize the parts structure. For example, they have to consider whether it is necessary to change the tolerance of the demoulding slope of the rib position of the plastic gear, whether it is possible to change or cancel some structures that cannot or are not conducive to demoulding, whether it is reasonable for the thickness of the glue position, and whether it is conducive to injection molding.
Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of chopping wood. The more detailed information does the DFM include, the lower the production costs will be. In this way, the production of plastic gear molds will be more successful, and the competitive advantage of micro gear motors will be more obvious.
Through the above introduction, you should have a preliminary understanding of the DFM the plastic gear mold of the micro gear motor. Welcome to contact us.