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Special training report on seven QC techniques


    Dongguan Forwa Precision Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is a manufacturer specializing in miniature gear reducers. In order to strengthen the quality awareness of employees, master more quality improvement tools, and improve the quality of the company, the company launched in November 2021 On the 14th, Mr. Chen from Pioneer Training was invited to give the company’s team leaders and above key members a special training on the seven QC techniques.

    The company’s leaders attached great importance to this training. The company’s Mr. Chen attended the class in person and delivered an important speech.Mr. Chen  said with great heart that the quality of the company is the key factor for the survival and development of the company, and it is the company’s gain in the fierce market competition. The key factor for more shares. The core factor of quality improvement and quality assurance is the quality of the staff, and the improvement of staff quality is inseparable from training. Mr. Chen also said that the company’s internal training is just an introduction. Through this introduction, employees will be aware of the importance of learning, the urgency of improving skills,knowledge can change their destiny, and learning will make the future successful. He hopes that through training, everyone can integrate into learning. Knowledge, skills, and dedication come in the craze. The gearbox produced by the company is a big tuyere and a good track. The company is under this tuyere. With the rapid development of gearbox business, employees’ skills in all aspects, especially quality skills, must be quickly improved to keep up with the company’s development. pace of.

    In class, Mr. Chen explained the contents of the seven QC techniques in humorous language. The seven methods of QC are important knowledge points in the quality management system, including checklist (check collection data), layer method (classification by layer, stripping analysis), and plato (this graphic can help distinguish the key points and the order). Key factors), cause and effect diagram (through the fishbone diagram, ask 5W, find out the cause of the incident), scatter diagram (through the scatter relationship, find out the relationship between the two), histogram (understand the data distribution, analysis process ability) , And control charts (finding anomalies in the control, understanding the variation characteristics of the process), mastering these skills, you can clarify ideas from the complicated data, find the rules, find out the methods, and propose improvement measures.

    The 45 employees who participated in the training listened carefully. After the class, everyone said that the benefits were great, and the teachers taught were full of dry goods. They all expressed that they must apply what they have learned so that the knowledge learned can be turned into productivity and live up to the company. The expectation is to provide customers with better quality products. At the same time, I also hope that the company can organize more trainings.