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Forwa Precision Mini Planetary Gear Motor

The miniature transmission module almost covers most industries, such as medical treatment, robotics, beauty equipment, smart home and so on. Let's talk about the structure of the miniature planetary gear motor. First of all, the miniature planetary gear motor consists of two parts, the gearbox and the motor. The motor is also called a motor, sometimes it is also called a geared motor or a geared motor. The inside of the gearbox is mainly composed of sun gear, planet gear, planet carrier and inner gear ring. The motors that can be matched with the gearbox to realize the transmission function include DC brush motors, DC brushless motors, steppers, hollow cups, and servo motors.

As a provider of intelligent transmission solutions, Kehua Precision has its own system in design, R&D, production and assembly, which can provide customers with transmission solutions, mold manufacturing and parts production.