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What are the advantages of coreless motors compared to ordinary DC motors?

1. High power density
Power density is the ratio of output power to weight or volume. The copper plate coil motor is small in size and has good performance. Compared with the traditional coil, the induction coil of the copper plate coil mode is lighter. There is no need to wind and slot silicon steel sheets, eliminating the eddy current and hysteresis loss they generate; the eddy current loss in the copper coil mode is very small and easy to control, which improves the efficiency of the motor and ensures a higher output torque and power.

2. Efficient
The efficiency of the motor is that the copper plate coil method does not have the eddy current and hysteresis loss caused by the winding and slotting of the silicon steel sheet. In addition, the resistance is small, reducing copper loss.

3. No torque lag
Copper plate coil mode slotless silicon steel sheet, no hysteresis loss, no cogging effect to reduce speed and torque fluctuations.

4. No slot effect
The copper plate coil is made of slotless silicon steel sheet, which eliminates the slot effect caused by the interaction between the slot and the magnet. The coil is a structure without an iron core. All steel components either rotate together (such as a brush motor) or are stationary (such as a brushless motor). The trough effect and torque hysteresis are obviously absent.

5. There is no radial force between the rotor and the stator
Because there is no stationary ferrite core, there is no axial magnetic field between the motor rotor and the motor stator. This is especially critical in important applications. The axial force between the motor rotor and the motor stator will cause the motor rotor to be unstable. Reducing the axial force will improve the reliability of the motor rotor.

6. Smooth speed curve and low noise
There is no ferrite core with slots, which reduces the torque and harmonics of the working voltage. At the same time, because there is no AC field in the motor, there is no noise caused by AC. Only noise caused by rolling bearings and cyclones and vibration caused by non-sinusoidal waveforms.

7. Good heat dissipation effect

The inner and outer surface of the copper coin solenoid often has gas fluidity, which is better than the heat pipe of the slotted motor rotor solenoid. The traditional silk-covered wire is embedded in the groove of the ferrite core, there are very few cyclones on the surface of the electromagnetic coil, the heat pipe has poor heat dissipation and the temperature is very high. For the same power, the motor temperature of the copper coin solenoid method is lower.