10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)
  • Air Pro10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)
  • Air Pro10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)
  • Air Pro10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

The following is about 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) related, I hope to help you better understand 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0). Founded in 2002, Forwa has specialized in precision plastic mould, plastic part and gearbox. Now we have developed and produced more than 10 series gearbox with multiple reduction ratio, which includes 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm etc.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) adopts planetary deceleration design and adopts hollow cup motor to make the space smaller and the transmission ratio output larger. A double-layer structure is adopted in the inner wall of the reducer which has the advantages of lower noise and no heat generation for a long time. And as per the characteristics of the massage, the 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) can be driven smoothly when power is off.


2.Parameter (Specification) of 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) specification



Nominal voltage

3.7 VDC


Usage current



No load current



Stall torque

>350 gf.cm


Output torque



Stall current



Output speed

82±10% rpm





Starting voltage

≤1.3 VDC


No load noise

<50 dB


Load noise

<52 dB


Environmental conditions

-30℃ ~ 80℃




Test method of noise: device maintain a distance away 50CM within 40dB circumstances


3.Feature And Application of 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) is characterized by high precision、low noise、long service life、high torque and excellent anti-jamming. 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) is widely applied in office automation、smart home、production automation、Medical devices、Financial appliance and Game machine sector. Such as automatic lifting system、shutter、robot、car trunk intelligent sanitary equipment、stage lighting、power tools、adult erotica products.


4.Details of 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

5.Qualification of 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We are a team of premier manufacturing sites, which is capable to handle the whole project, including design, tooling, manufacturing, printing, assembly, package, shipping arrangement.



1.How long will you ship the 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) I ordered?

Do not worry, usually ,for our standard reduction box , we will ship them within 2 weeks, for the customized products, usually we need 30-45 days to send you samples for confirming, if confirmed ok, we will confirm to you the delivery date per the quantity you ordered. Any question about this part,do not hesitate to contact us!


2.what express you usually ship through?

We have established long-term service relation with nominal global express like DHL, FedEx,UPS....etc to serve our customers. Also we accept the shipping method per customer’s requirement. Our gears are waiting for you to take them home.


3.How is 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0)'s quality?

So far, our geared motors has been sold to many countries including Japan, Germany,USA, UK, Indonesia,Singapore..., most customers will give me feedback that they are functioning well, I think that should be the best public praise on our products. You also value such good quality geared motor.


4.Will you provide 10mm Eccentric Planet Reducer (1.0) for testing freely?

We are very glad that you pay attention to our reduction gearbox, but i think if you really care it, you will not care spending some money on it right, we met many customers, if we provide them all for free, I truly can not afford them, but we can return/cover them back if we get your official order. We sincerely hope to get your support and understanding on this point. Thanks~

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